Decoration, Gifts, Tableware, Leasure, StorageGiFi is France's leading budget-friendly
homeware and family goods brand


GIFI stands for shopping pleasure

One only has to ask the customers themselves to be convinced! Customers come to GIFI stores to treat themselves to items both small and large. To find a new product, a gift, a decorative item, a handy tool... and all at very competitive prices. From one generation to the next, a relationship of confidence has been created.

While remaining faithful to the core principles that have made this success possible, GIFI is constantly advancing and adapting its commercial concept. The latest generation GIFI store is born providing an even more hospitable experience for the comfort of our customers. 

This new generation of GIFI stores has adopted a modern, colourful and contemporary style, trendy and with a strong design concept, innovating with its collections and combining an incredible selection at very attractive prices. 

To implement this new concept, both the outside (façade) and inside of stores (customer shopping route, furnishings, signage, decoration…) have been completely reinvented.

This new GIFI concept has all the key components to ensure that the brand is synonymous with practical and innovative discount shopping.

The customer shopping route has been redesigned for simple and easy product location through a carefully designed signage making it possible to rapidly identify individual departments, with new themes “Super useful!”, “Storage for everything!”, “In front of the screen!” … including, of course, the “1,2,3 euros!” price point sections at the store entrances.

Merchandising display innovations like the front entrance podium, wall display for top-selling products or a central area promoting the price-point positioning and product renewals.

Immediately on entering the store, a showcase displaying current promotions can be seen.

Within each universe, a retail display area for flagship products includes a GIFI dynamic pricing display with one smart buy per category at unbeatable prices. Prices are identified by signage bearing GIFIʼs two signature colours: red and yellow.

The central area, consisting of a decoration area and an advertising and news area, is identified by LED-lit columns changing colours for optimal visibility and a convivial atmosphere. Built-in screens propose videos according to areas about GIFI-branded design trends, latest products and current promotions.

Store furnishings are simple with sober colours in order to better enhance the visibility of the products themselves.


The 7 product worlds of GiFi stores

  • Seasonal products
  • Household furnishings
  • Decoration
  • Cleaning and storage
  • Tableware
  • Leisure
  • Personal accessories

Les 7 univers produits des magasins GiFi