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As a dynamic Group that is continually growing responsibly, GIFI builds on its experience to ensure a solid future. Attentive to its customers and employees, GIFI is constantly innovating in all its areas of expertise, including sales, network, logistics, support and human resources.





The development of the new GIFI store concept is one of the highlights of this past year. It is the foundation for drawing up GIFI’s strategy - to propel the brand into the new era of modern discount stores.

This strategy is clearly centred on the customer.

The new generation of stores combines simple furnishings and eye-catching signage, to showcase the store’s products in a convivial and comfortable environment.

Innovation not only at points of sale, but also in the products themselves!  Always more new and original products, from impulse buys to decorate the home to useful products to improve everyday life and make the most of the season, always at the lowest prices available.

In keeping with the brand values, this new concept has also been designed to be even more affordable in its layout, economical in its operation, and optimised in its deployment.



Constantly on the lookout for new ideas at the lowest price, GIFI has pioneered direct procurement in Asian countries. GIFI does business in Asia through two subsidiaries: GIFI Asia in Hong Kong and NGT in Ningbo. New offices opened in Shenzhen last year and now have more than 10 employees.

GIFI teams also have access to all suppliers in Southeast Asia, from Pakistan to the Philippines and from India to Vietnam. This allows them not only to find the best prices and most suitable production capacities, but also to discover new products, materials, and production methods.

Last March, GIFI held its first “Garden” Display, featuring nearly 130 listed and new suppliers in Ningbo, China and about 20 suppliers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Each supplier had an area where they could present their products and innovations. The “Product Purchasing” team was able to meet with up to 20 suppliers per day and select 900 of the 5,000 references presented. The “Order Status” and “Quality” teams also presented their processes and answered normative questions based on the samples they obtained. Since then, other displays have been held in Delhi, India and in Dubai, UAE for bedding, carpets, and textiles, etc.

Faced with European directives and standards that are constantly changing and becoming more restrictive, the Hong Kong-based “Quality Asia” department worked closely with Villeneuve-sur-Lot to expand its range of skills in the toys, festive accessories, gadget, food contact, and furniture segments in mainland China (Shenzhen and Ningbo).



The 16 employees in the packaging, licenses & design department continue to implement their strategy that consists in differentiating GIFI  from its competitors in the discount market and harmonising merchandising.

After the introduction of the Homday brand for home appliances, three new “Decoration” brands were recently launched. The goal is to help customers identify and relate to the brand.


In 2011/2012, the packaging division created 70 graphic charters and 6,000 packages. GIFI is ultimately aiming at having more than 90% of products conforming to the charters, with its own packaging.

This year, GIFI created a new marketing concept, the GIFIBOX, a ready gift box that contains a product and a book of tips or recipes.

The project originated in Villeneuve-sur-Lot, in close cooperation with the purchasing department and sourcing teams based in Asia. The packages themselves are then manufactured by a French-Chinese company in Shenzhen.

Launched at the end of November 2012, the GIFIBOX itself is the subject of an advertising campaign. In stores, it is presented on colour-coordinated furniture.